Hawaii PowerGolf

Allan Ano Custom Builds Clubs along with Building a Golf Swing using "The Golfing Machine"

  • Authorized Custom Fitter - Wishon Golf Miura Golf KZG
  • Authorized Shaft Fitter For - Fujikura Accra Aerotech KBS True Temper
  • Authorized Golfing Machine Instructor


Through The Golfing Machine you will learn the following

The 10 Position of the Golf Swing

  • The 4 Pressure Points & how to use them
  • The 3 Controlling Functions
  • The 4 Accumulations of Power
  • About the Power Package & How it functions in the Golf Swing


Play Shots Like A Pro With Our Short Game Program


  • In The Short Game Using Pressure Point#4
  • As The Pivotal Point For All Shots Around The Green.
  • Learn Left Arm Radius Control. You Stop From Breaking Your Wrist
  • Sculling The Ball Across The Green
  • We Will Adjust Your Lie Angle For A Sliding Impact Instead Of Digging
  • Get The Right Loft For Your Type Of Skill Level
  • Learn The Five Different Ways To Play A Bunker Shot The Key To The Short Game Is Pressure Points.  
  • Learn The Application Of These Pressure Points That Will Simplify Your Short Game.


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We are  a certified Nickluas Golf Equipment specialists and the top 50 Accra Club fitters world wide.